Blender subcore crashing on CentOS7

Original post on Discord from @nyue :

Running iograft_ui on CentOS 7 with Blender 3.3.0

Am encounterting this crash

[2022-09-18 17:04:54.341] [info] Loaded plugin successfully: '/opt/iograft/nodes/'.
[2022-09-18 17:04:54.363] [info] Loaded plugin successfully: '/home/nyue/projects/iograft/iograft_git/python/blender/'.
Writing: /tmp/blender.crash.txt
/home/nyue/projects/iograft/github_iograft_blender_git/bin/iogblender_subcore: line 7: 14856 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) /home/nyue/systems/blender/blender-3.3.0-linux-x64/blender --background --python-use-system-env --python "$BASEDIR/" -- "$@"
[2022-09-18 17:05:24.863] [warning] Subcore process for env: 'blender' exited with non-zero exit code.
[2022-09-18 17:05:24.871] [info] Subcore process for environment: 'blender' has terminated.

FYI, it works fine on Ubuntu 20.04 with the ABI test build you shared yesterday so I will just wait for the full update for all the other OS

Unfortunately, this appears to be unrelated to the ABI fixes we made for Ubuntu.

After some digging, it appears to be related to the pthreads library but will need to investigate further. Based on the information I have found so far, it appears Blender is not natively built on CentOS 7 which could be leading to some conflicts with natively built libraries.

We will be investigating further, and report back when we know more about a possible resolution for Blender on CentOS 7.

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Update on this error with Blender on CentOS7. Version 1.4.0 includes some changes to iograft’s Python handling that (at least in our tests) has made the Blender subcore on CentOS 7 more reliable.

That being said, I think the underlying issue is still there as running iograft interactively within Blender on CentOS7 remains problematic. We have traced the issue to Blender’s use of jemalloc coupled with the Blender downloadable package not being built on CentOS7 natively.

In the next couple of months we will start to build a version of iograft on Rocky Linux 8 in hopes of slowly phasing out CentOS7, and we will revisit this issue at that time.